One minute she was a run-of-the-mill teacher. The next minute she was wanted for drug smuggling.

A popular El Paso teacher has been released from a Mexican jail after becoming the high-profile victim of a drug-smuggling scheme that uses unsuspecting commuters to move marijuana across the border.

Ana Isela Martínez Amaya had been jailed in Ciduad Juarez since May. She was released late Sunday after the Mexican attorney general's office said they confirmed she didn't know 88 pounds of marijuana had been hidden in her trunk.

The FBI believes that during the past year traffickers have used the scheme to smuggle hundreds of pounds of marijuana each week into the U.S.

Martínez is a Mexican citizen who legally teaches in the U.S. at an elementary school. Supporters had rallied and petitioned for her release since the 35-year-old was arrested while headed to work in El Paso.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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