Nearly five million faithful from different parts of Brazil took part in this year's "March for Jesus," an annual evangelical Christian event in Sao Paulo that coincides with the Catholic Corpus Christi celebration, organizers said.

The march, which attracts more participants than other large-scale events in Brazil such as the Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade and the Salvador street carnival, was held Thursday under the slogan "March for Faith."

This year's edition, which ended with a series of musical performances and messages from pastors from different Protestant churches, featured the participation of 10 "electrical trios" - gospel music acts perched on giant sound trucks.

A total of 38 musical performances were delivered at Sao Paulo's Heroes of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force plaza, where the march concluded.

Dozens of caravans from different parts of Brazil traveled to Sao Paulo for the event.

Police said three million people took part in last year's March for Jesus, which had been staged along Paulista Avenue - one of Sao Paulo's main thoroughfares - until 2006.