Police rescued three men and a woman accused of being robbers from a lynch mob in San Lorenzo Acopilco, a town south of Mexico City, officials said.

The officers went to the rescue of the four suspected criminals on Monday in San Lorenzo Acopilco, which is in the borough of Cuajimalpa.

The mob surrounded the officers' patrol car and began pounding on it.

The officers called for reinforcements, but the mob surrounded and overwhelmed the arriving officers.

"Some people got aggressive and broke through the security cordon to attack the patrol car with the suspected criminals inside, requiring support from Metropolitan Police officers, who reinforced the security cordon and proceeded to withdraw the unit," the Federal District Public Safety Secretariat said.

The mob beat and threw objects at the officers as they tried to withdraw, breaking the windows and damaging the patrol car's body.

Suspects Virginia Luna Cervantes, 19, Hugo Manuel Vera, 25, Angel Ibarra Alamilla, 24, and Ivan Manuel Sotelo Haro, 48, were treated by paramedics and then handed over to prosecutors, the secretariat said.

Residents often take the law into their own hands in Mexico, claiming that they do not trust police and are fed up with the high crime rate.