A judge was killed during an armed robbery at her residence in the Caribbean coastal city of Barranquilla, Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon said Friday.

Margarita de las Salas Bacca, a labor court magistrate, died Thursday night at a clinic in Barranquilla, shortly after she was shot by a man who accosted the judge and her brother as they entered her apartment building.

The killing "is a genuine attack against justice and the dignity of the judicial branch," Garzon said in a statement.

Colombia's Supreme Court issued a communique expressing "profound regret and repudiation" for the murder and extending "heartfelt condolences" to De las Casas' family and colleagues.

The incident comes less than three months after a criminal court judge was gunned down in the northeastern city of Saravena.

At the time of her March 21 death, Judge Gloria Constanza Gaona was handling the case of a soldier accused for the rape-murder of a peasant girl in a rural area of Arauca province.