A Cuban court has condemned Chilean businessman Marcel Marambio to 15 years behind bars in a corruption case, in which 15 executives and employees of the state-run Cubana de Aviacion airlines and a tourism joint venture were also sentenced to between three and 10 years in prison, state television reported.
Marcel Marambio is the president of the mixed company Sol y Son Los Viajes S.A. and the brother of Max Marambio, also a businessman from Chile, who was recently sentenced by a Cuban court for economic crimes.
Marcel Marambio, who was tried in absentia as was his brother, has been convicted for the crime of fraud and continuous bribery.
"Marambio made use of his position as president of Sol y Son to swindle the Cuban partner for his own enrichment, falsifying and deliberately hiding information and bribing the implicated Cuban executives and employees to go along with his dishonest schemes," the court's decision said.
With regard to the 15 Cuban state employees of the island's principal airline and of the mixed company Sol y Son who were also found guilty, the court said they acted in a "fraudulent" manner and received "bribes in cash and privileges for their personal gain."
On those charges they were sentenced to between three and four years of confinement for different crimes of administrative corruption including bribery and the forgery of private documents.
Those convicted by the court in Havana may present an appeal for annulment before the Cuban Supreme Court.
This sentence follows the one handed down in early May against Max Marambio, a former bodyguard of deceased Chilean President Salvador Allende and in other times a personal friend of Fidel Castro.
Max Marambio was sentenced to 20 years in jail for corruption in his management of the Rio Zaza food production company, of which he and the Cuban state owned equal shares.
Neither of the Marambio brothers appeared in the consecutive trials brought against them in Cuba, which late last year issued separate arrest warrants for the two of them.