A 73-year-old man took his own life after going on a shooting spree in and around Yuma, Arizona, that left five people dead and another person seriously wounded, authorities said.

The shooter, identified as Carey Hal Dyess, was evidently upset about a divorce case.

In fact the only victim identified up to now, 62-year-old attorney Jerrold Shelley, was a specialist in divorce cases.

Dyess shot Shelley at the lawyer's office in Yuma at about 9:15 a.m. Thursday, and just minutes afterwards police were alerted to a second shooting elsewhere in Yuma County.

Ninety minutes later, Dyess was found inside a vehicle in the desert some 20 kilometers (12 miles) northwest of town after he had committed suicide.

The other four victims were killed at different points around Yuma County.

The person left wounded was taken to a Phoenix hospital in critical condition.

The incident forced schools and government buildings in the county to be temporarily closed as a precaution.