Hundreds of people were attended over the Memorial Day weekend on several beaches of central Florida, from Cocoa Beach to Cape Canaveral, after being stung by jellyfish, U.S. media reported Tuesday.

Since last Friday and coinciding with the three-day weekend, which brings thousands of people to Florida beaches, about 800 incidents occurred related to jellyfish stings, which cause intense itching, burning, pain and rashes.

Emergency services workers began attending bathers for jellyfish stings on Friday, but the number affected increased rapidly over the weekend.

Innumerable mauve stingers, as this purplish species of jellyfish is called, moving in swarms with the currents underwater washed up on beaches and shores and were left stranded on the sand.

At least two people had to be taken to hospital after suffering respiratory problems, probably due to an allergic reaction or the complication of a pre-existing medical condition, officials said.

Emergency services workers are accustomed to spraying a vinegar solution on sufferers to neutralize the sting cells that jellyfish plant on human skin.