Puerto Rico may need to impose a curfew in the face of an ongoing surge in violent crime, a senior police has said.

The idea of a curfew is "gaining strength," according to the police auxiliary superintendent for field operations, Leovigildo Vázquez.

He did not offer any details about the terms and conditions of a curfew.

Puerto Rican lawmakers are looking at all possible options as they weigh whether to take such a drastic step, Vázquez said.

The officer's comments came a day after news broke of the murder of chef Arturo Peña Giraldo as he was returning home after his shift at the El Puerto del Callao restaurant.

Police said the 45-year-old Peruvian citizen was slain May 10, but provided few other facts about the case, while the victim's family accuses authorities of having little interest in solving the crime.

Puerto Rico has registered 433 homicides so far this year, 82 more than at the same point in 2010.

Gov. Luis Fortuño's initiative last year to have the Puerto Rico National Guard to join police in patrolling the streets had a negligible effect on the violence and was abandoned after several months.