La Banda de las Recodas, a group famous for parodying the folk ballads about drug lords that have become a staple of the norteño genre, has announced a concert in this capital "with more than 140 cartel assassins on stage."

The band said in a statement Thursday featuring its dry brand of humor that it will play a single show on May 25 at the Teatro de la Ciudad in downtown Mexico City "to present the album they recorded at gunpoint at that same venue" last November.

The November concert "was such a big success" that the band members "had to go outside, at gunpoint, to calm down the people who wanted to go in even though no tickets remained," the statement said.

Las Recodas' announcement came a day after Mario Lopez Valdez, governor of the western Mexican state of Sinaloa, issued a decree prohibiting bars, nightclubs and other establishments from allowing music that recounts the exploits and travails of drug lords, known as "narco ballads," to be heard on their premises.

Lopez's idea, aimed at reducing the influence of "narco culture," is to punish establishments that do not comply with the decree by taking away their liquor licenses.

His state is the home base of the Sinaloa cartel, which controls drug-trafficking routes there and in much of western and northwestern Mexico and is headed by the country's most-wanted fugitive, Joaquin "El Chapo" (Shorty) Guzman.

That organization is one of several powerful drug cartels involved in long-running turf wars - and battles with security forces trying to crack down on their operations - that have left tens of thousands dead in recent years.

La Banda de las Recodas is composed of Ana Francis Mor, Cecilia Sotres, Marisol Gase and Nora Huerta, who - with tongue in cheek - describe themselves as "quadruplets born within a day of one another."

Their press spokesman, Oscar Davalos, told Efe that the concert is a parody and that the 140 "assassins" are in fact 20 dancers who come on stage at various moments of the show wearing different costumes.

He also added that at one point during the concert, when one of the singers shouts that "heads will roll," several plastic heads fall onto the stage.

The band will perform a selection of songs that range from "home appliance cumbia" to "narcoballad pop" and which include tunes such as "Amiguita ama de casa," "Lo hecho en Mexico," and "La Mañosa."

They will also unveil a new batch of songs in a genre they have playfully dubbed "pornocorrido."

The members of La Banda de las Recodas got their start as cabaret performers and have given concerts in Mexico, Denmark and the United States.