Three people, including an Israeli and two Chinese citizens, died in a plane crash over the weekend in central El Salvador, police and firefighters said.

The plane was reported missing shortly after taking off on Sunday from Ilopango, located nine kilometers (5.5 miles) east of San Salvador, a National Civilian Police, or PNC, spokesman told Efe.

The plane's fiery wreckage was found in an area south of the airport, the PNC spokesman said.

Yaron Degani, a 56-year-old Israeli businessman who manufactured small planes, died in the crash, the Diario de Hoy newspaper reported on its Web site.

The other two victims were identified as Lee Yen, 49, and Yu Wen Kao, 42, both Chinese nationals.

Firefighters carried out the operation to recover the bodies, fire chief Maj. Abner Hurtado told Radio Nacional.

"Regrettably, three people died and we are trying to recover the bodies from a remote area," Hurtado said.

The plane was apparently on a test flight when it went down, officials said.