The president of Mexico's prestigious Tecnologico de Monterrey university, Rafael Rangel Sostmann, said here Monday that he plans to found a center at Georgetown University to promote higher education among U.S. Hispanics.

The new venture in Washington is one of the projects Rangel Sostmann will tackle after concluding his tenure at Monterrey Tec, he told reporters in Madrid after signing an agreement with several Spanish universities to create a joint master's degree program in Ibero-American journalism.

"I hope my successor (in Monterrey) is designated within the next few months so I can dedicate myself to these other matters," he said.

"The Hispanic in the U.S. is not reaching university, the first generations of immigrants are not completing their studies. We want to make an effort for them to achieve that," said Rangel Sostmann, who became president of Monterrey Tec in 1985.

More broadly, he said he plans to use the new institution at Washington's Georgetown University as the hub of a "virtual space" linking all of Monterrey Tec's community education centers in Mexico, the United States and Latin America.

"And we will also conduct a reflection about the mission of the university at the present moment. I feel it has to go outside its walls and integrate more with the community to carry out truly transformative projects," Rangel Sostmann said.

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