From the first meeting with Fox News Latino Producer Erika Garcia, it was clear we were both pumped to tell the story of Dominican Hair Salons growing in America. The video, the people we interviewed and all the history we learned in the process culminated in a piece we loved putting together. The idea to cover this near recession-proof part of the Latino business community came from a documentary in the works called “Pelo! Pelo! The Film.”  

We traversed Manhattan on a chilly fall day this year to gather the story . The highlights included catching up with veteran documentarian Tracy Grant. She was chock-full of information about the economics of the stylists who left their home island nation of the Dominican Republic to chase dreams in the U.S. Many of these dreamers, as she calls them, are women with children and in some cases desperate to find a better life. 

We stepped into the energetic and unforgettable shop owned by Moises Lopez, who’s becoming a celebrity among celebrities. He gives some of the biggest names in professional sports, mostly in Major League Baseball, their cutting-edge looks. 

As we prepare to go live with our story this Saturday, we are learning of a development among small businesswomen throughout Latin America. According to a recent report, they are at a critical time facing all sorts of obstacles to find success in their home countries. This is making the voyage to the U.S. to set up shops – like those you’ll see in our story – even more important and intense.

Don’t miss our story about the power of hair, this weekend with an early preview on Fox Report Weekend with Harris Faulkner 7pm ET. After that, the complete and in-depth story will be here, on

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