Latin America's next great leap in information technology should be focused on improving the experience of mobile users through WiFi and 4G, Cisco Latin America's senior director of engineering and architecture told Efe here.

"Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia are the countries in the region that are most committed to that process," Mauricio Carrillo said during Cisco Live 2013, a gathering in Cancún of more than 4,000 IT experts from 32 countries.

Latin American governments, he said, "have understood the necessity of having broadband available and are working to offer it."

"We are still far behind" when it comes to 4G, Carrillo said, citing statistics that show "only 18 percent of Latin American operators supply it and less than 50 percent of the countries have regulations or designated frequencies."

Brazil has pushed to implement 4G ahead of the 2014 soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, while Colombia recently auctioned 4G spectrum and Chile is preparing to do so, the Cisco executive said.

In some places, WiFi is filling some of the gap left by the waning of 3G and the current absence of 4G, Carrillo said. 

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