The innovative spirit, the passion for having an activity and for technology have motivated two 20-something Latinos to found online businesses that are examples of the push young people are making in a world of challenges and constant change.

Vicente Fernandez, as a good example of the millennial generation, is a lover of technology, but also of sports, especially American football.

This 23-year-old merged his passion for journalism with sports in his first year at the University of Chicago and created, a Web page and a mobile app so that any sports fan can find the information he or she needs in a single location.

He acknowledged in an interview with Efe that his generation does not read newspapers like earlier ones and many great sportswriters do not have the audiences they deserve.

"For example," he said, "the Miami Heat has 1 million fans in the entire country," but the reporter who covers the team for The Miami Herald, Joseph Goodman, has just 500 followers on Twitter.

The challenge was to create "a mobile application and a page where we add the tweets, columns and articles of these reporters and the athletes, as well as other relevant information. Everything in one place," he said.

Another young man who wanted to blend his passion for new technologies is Jose Pimienta, who arrived in Miami from Cuba four years ago.

On the island, he had studied engineering and design, something that opened doors for him in Florida.

"I started designing Web pages, but since I had an affinity for technology, one job was taking me to another. Something that I learned in this world is that it's very important to know people, not because they're going to give you work but because you can learn a lot," Pimienta told Efe.

He is now at work on his own project,, a social network for lovers of vinyl records.

"Vinylfy seeks to keep the physical format of vinyl alive. It's for collectors who share information, ... record stores," he said. 

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