Here's a brief list of advice for any aspiring valets out there: 1) Remember where you put the keys; 2) Thank anyone who gives you a tip; and 3) Don't take a $400,000 Italian sports car for a joyride, and then have it set ablaze.

A valet in Miami Beach didn't follow one of those pieces advice and now is facing the consequences.

The unlucky – and as yet unnamed – valet was handed the keys to a bright red $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador and decided it would be a good idea to take it for a drive around the swanky Lincoln Road area.

Unfortunately for the valet, the Lamborghini's 720-horsepower engine is so powerful and creates so much heat that it needs more airflow than an inner-city drive can provide. After over-revving the engine, flames began to shoot out of the rear exhaust and quickly turned the shiny red paint into more of a burnt umber.

Onlookers quickly helped put out the flames, but the damage was done, and the car – which normally tops out at 217 mph, had to be pushed from the scene.

To add insult to injury for the embarrassed valet, dozens of people captured the carnage with their smart phones – providing a good laugh for many Internet users and a lifetime of infamy for him.

This isn't the first time in recent months that an Aventador has flamed out.

In Dubai last year, onlookers spotted a yellow Aventador engulfed in flames. Unlike the Miami Lamborghini, which may be able to survive with a little engine and body work, the one in the United Arab Emirates was left little more than scrap metal. 

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