Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin objected Friday to a federal judge's decision to throw out a suit filed by several gay couples requesting that their marriages contracted in the United States be recognized on their home island.

"I regret the decision in Puerto Rico on #equalmarriage, but I know we will win an appeal. All rights for all loves," the artist said on his Twitter account about the ruling of federal Judge Juan Perez Gimenez.

The judge dismissed this week the plea entered by activist Ada Conde and her spouse, Ivonne Alvarez, soon joined by other couples seeking to have declared unconstitutional Article 68 of the Puerto Rican Civil Code, which defines marriage exclusively as a union between a man and a woman.

Martin's reaction was echoed by Amnesty International's local executive director, Pedro Santiago, who said in a communique Thursday that the judge's decision is discriminatory and violates the human rights of gays and their families.

He recalled that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes that all people are born free and equal in human dignity and rights, and that includes the right to their own identity, to form a family and not be discriminated against.

But in the judge's opinion, "The Constitution of Puerto Rico mentions no right to same-sex marriage, so that the Associated Free State (of Puerto Rico) is not obliged to acknowledge such unions." EFE