The government of the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz reported the rescue of a spotted wild cat called the margay that was found in a school of the regional capital, and expressed its concern because this is the fourth feline of its kind to be found recently in the urban area.

Personnel at Marcelino Champagnat School, located on Santa Cruz city's south side, found the wild cat in this educational facility and asked the biodiversity unit of the provincial government to come rescue it, according to a communique from the school.

The margay (leopardus wiedii) could have escaped from some nearby home where it was kept as a pet, the school said.

The provincial secretary of the environment and sustainable development, Manlio Roca, expressed concern about the fact that so far this year, four of these felines have been rescued in the Santa Cruz urban area.

"The buying and selling of wild species continues to increase, above all on social networks, which are used to promote the domestication of animals like this," Roca said.

He also warned about the difficulties and risks of keeping wild animals and recalled that the Santa Cruz provincial government has three telephone lines open to receive reports on the trafficking of such species. EFE