Cuban film director Jose Massip, the winner of the National Film Prize and founder of the island's Cinematographic Art and Industry Institute, or ICAI, died in Havana, local media reported. He was 88.

Massip died on Saturday after a long illness, ICAI sources quoted by the state-run AIN news agency said.

He is remembered as a member of the group of Cuban intellectuals and directors who in 1959 worked to create a national film industry, the AIN obituary said.

Massip's filmography included outstanding works such as "Historia de un ballet (Suite Yoruba)" (1962), considered to be a classic of Cuban cinema after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959.

He also directed emblematic works dedicated to Cuban historical figures such as Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo, namely "Paginas del diario de Jose Martí" (1971) and "Baragua" (1986), respectively.

During his long film career, Massip collaborated with late directors Julio Garcia Espinosa, Alfredo Guevara and Tomas Gutierrez Alea in the filming of "El Megano," worked at the behest of Dutch documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens and contributed to his country's intellectual life as a critic, teacher and essay writer. EFE