The daughter of former Miss Venezuela and actress Monica Spear on Tuesday went to school for the first time in Orlando, Florida, almost a month after her parents were murdered in Venezuela.

Jencarlos Canela, the last actor to work with Spear, greeted 5-year-old Maya Berry Spear with a tweet saying: "Today you had your first day of school in Orlando. Welcome, my Maya Bella." Canela starred with Monica Spear in 2013 in the Telemundo soap opera "Pasion prohibida."

Canela also posted on Twitter a video of the little girl singing a popular song by Venezuelan singer-songwriter Simon Diaz that Spear taught her to encourage her to love her homeland.

Maya Berry, who was wounded in the leg in the Jan. 6 attack in which her mother, 29, and Henry Berry, 39, were shot to death on a highway in the central Venezuelan state of Carabobo, moved after the incident to live with her maternal grandfather, Rafael Spear, in Orlando.

At least seven people have been arrested for the double killing, including two teenagers and a woman, according to Venezuelan authorities. EFE