Mexican novelist and poet Jose Emilio Pacheco, who won the Cervantes Prize, died over the weekend, his daughter, his family said. He was 74.

Pacheco, who died on Sunday, fell in his room and hit his head two days before his death, the writer's wife, Cristina Pacheco, said Monday.

The writer, however, did not want to go to the hospital after the home accident, Cristina Pacheco, who is also an author, told MVS radio.

Pacheco, author of "Las batallas en el desierto" (1981) and one of the most beloved writers in Mexico, said "I am not going to go to the hospital for a stupid blow on the head. It was a blow and that's all," his widow said.

Cristina Pacheco said she left the house for a while last Friday and learned on her return that her husband had fallen.

The two ate dinner and the poet fell asleep early after finishing a piece for the "Inventario" section of the weekly Proceso.

The article, which was published on Sunday and titled "La travesia de Juan Gelman," was dedicated to the recently deceased Argentine writer.

"He never awoke from that sleep, he was peaceful, calm," Cristina Pacheco said, adding that she did not realize the seriousness of the situation until she took her husband coffee the next morning.

Jose Emilio Pacheco, who was also an essayist and translator, was the author of the novels "Moriras lejos" (1967), "El principio del placer" (1972) and "Las batallas en el desierto" (1981), as well as the poetry collections "Miro la tierra" (1987), "Siglo pasado" (2000) and "Como la lluvia" (2009), among other works.

He won, among other honors, the 2009 Cervantes Prize, the 1980 National Journalism Prize for Cultural Reporting, the Jose Donoso Ibero-American Letters Prize in 2001, the Octavio Paz International Poetry and Essay Prize in 2003 and Spain's Queen Sofia Ibero-American Poetry Prize in 2009. EFE