A Spaniard went missing 17 days ago in the northern Colombian province of La Guajira, the Spanish consul in Cartagena, Juan Antonio Martinez, told Efe Friday.

The disappearance of photojournalist Borja Lazaro Herrero was reported on Jan. 8 in the Spanish city of Vitoria by members of his family, who are waiting for results of the investigation being carried out by Colombian authorities.

Colombian police officials consulted by Efe confirmed that Lazaro Herrera is missing and said that the elite Gaula anti-kidnapping unit is investigating the case.

"The Interpol has confirmed from Madrid that a report of his disappearance was filed by his family last Jan. 8 with the Ertzaintza (Basque region police)," Martinez said.

"According to the data we have, he was a tourist, a person in transit," the consul said, adding that Lazaro Herrero lived in Mexico with wife and arrived in Colombia in mid-November.

Lazaro Herrero posted on his blog and Twitter account notes about his visit to Colombia that took him to Bogota, the Caribbean cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta, and the La Guajira area where Spaniards Angel Sanchez Fernandez and Maria Concepcion Marlaska Sedano were kidnapped in 2013.

"The last time it was possible to prove he was there was in Cabo de la Vela on Jan. 7. He was staying at a hostal where a camera, passport and articles of clothing were found," the Spanish consul said. EFE