The Brazilian government is seizing 92 unproductive rural estates as part of a program to provide land to family farmers, the Agrarian Development Ministry said Friday.

The latest expropriations bring to 100 the number of properties seized for land reform in 2013, the ministry said in a statement.

That meets the government's target for land seizures in 2013, President Dilma Rousseff said Friday on Twitter.

Amounting to 1,935 sq. kilometers (747 sq. miles) in 16 of Brazil's 27 states, the land is to be distributed among 4,670 families.

The government will pay a total of 267.1 million reais ($114 million) in compensation to the current owners of the properties.

Brazil's MST landless workers movement has accused the Rousseff administration of "paralyzing" agrarian reform in the giant South American nation.

The government has settled only 159 families on expropriated land in 2013, the lowest figure since the restoration of democracy following the 1964-1985 military regime, the MST said last week. EFE