A laborer died Saturday when he fell from a height of 35 meters (115 feet) while installing floodlights on the roof of the Arena de la Amazonia stadium in Manaus, one of the 12 host cities of the 2014 World Cup, the construction company said.

"We repeat the commitment we assumed for the safety of all our workers. Legal measures are being taken with the competent authorities. We deeply regret this accident and are giving every assistance to the worker's family," the Andrade Gutierrez company said in a communique.

The construction company said that "out of respect for the worker's memory, this Saturday's work was suspended."

The victim, identified as Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira, 22, was working on the roof of the stadium that will host four matches in the tournament's round-robin phase.

Other laborers said that De Melo Ferreira fell while on a seat used in the installation of floodlights.

The worker was still alive when he arrived at the emergency room of 28 de Agosto Hospital in Manaus, capital of the northwestern state of Amazonas, where he died minutes later.

Work on the stadium is scheduled to resume on Monday.

This was the second fatal accident on the same construction site. In May, another worker died when he lost his balance and fell from a height of 5 meters (16 feet).

The laborer's death on Saturday makes five people who have died during construction and remodeling work on Brazilian World Cup stadiums.

On Nov.27, two people were killed in the Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo, which will host the tournament's opening match between Brazil and Croatia, when a crane collapsed while hoisting a several-hundred-ton metal roofing structure. EFE