Friends and relatives of Cecilia Martinez, Venezuela's first television announcer, celebrated her 100th birthday with her on the weekend "although I'm not so old," she quipped on Tuesday.

"I was spoiled by everyone because I was a little girl when I started in television," she told the Web site Noticias 24, recalling that she started her media career at age 39 along with Venezuela's first national broadcast, which commenced in November 1952.

Martinez said that she started out singing the first radio advertising jingle until it was prohibited by the government.

Dictator Juan Vicente Gomez, who governed Venezuela from 1908-1935, criticized the commercial as "inappropriate and ordered it to be withdrawn" from the airwaves shortly before his death in December 1935, she added.

Martinez also said that "when I was a girl" she suffered from an unspecified illness and was cured "with an injection" by Jose Gregorio Hernandez (1864-1919), a doctor to whom miracles are attributed and who has been extremely highly regarded since he died after being run over by one of the first motor vehicles in Caracas. EFE