Spain's King Juan Carlos was released Monday from the hospital on the outskirts of Madrid where he was recovering from hip surgery.

The 75-year-old king successfully underwent surgery last week to implant a permanent prosthesis in his left hip.

The king made it through the post-operative period "in a very satisfactory form" and achieved "sufficient autonomy for daily movements" following the operation, doctors at Madrid's Quiron University Hospital said.

Biopsies and microbiological cultures taken from the king "confirm the disappearance of the process of infection in the hip," doctors said.

King Juan Carlos was driven away from the hospital in an SUV.

The king sat in the passenger seat and lowered the window so he could greet the reporters covering his departure from the medical facility.

"Everything's very good, phenomenal," the king said in response to questions from reporters about how he was feeling.

As the same line of questioning continued, the king joked that he felt "very bad, very bad."

Surgeon Miguel Cabanela and Royal Household Medical Service chief Miguel Fernandez Tapia-Ruano operated on the king last Thursday.

Surgeons removed the monarch's infected left hip prosthesis on Sept. 24, replacing it with the temporary prosthesis.

King Juan Carlos underwent intensive antibiotic therapy after the infected hip implant was removed in September, doctors said.

The operation was the sixth that the king has undergone in the past two years and the 14th he has had during his life. EFE