Artist Ricky Martin wrapped up his tour promoting his kiddies' book, "Santiago the Dreamer in Land among the Stars," in his native Puerto Rico.

"Let's dream, that's what the story is all about, making dreams come true and that's my mission," Martin told the more than 600 youngsters and grownups who attended the book-signing at San Juan's Museum of Art of Puerto Rico.

The 41-year-old singer said the advice to keep dreaming is not just for him and his young boys, Matteo and Valentino, but "for all the kids in Puerto Rico," and for the adults too.

"We've stopped dreaming. And we have to go back to childhood to start believing in things we no longer think we can do," Martin said in his brief talk to his fans, including Graciela Diaz, who had traveled all the way from Uruguay.

Diaz, 31, told Efe she made the trip because Martin is her favorite artist.

"I'm as excited and nervous as the first time I met him," she said.

The 32-page book with illustrations by Spanish artist Patricia Castelao is published by Celebra, a division of the Penguin Group.

The book tells the story of Santiago, a little boy who follows his dreams, and of a father who believes in his son's unlimited potential.

Billboard magazine calls Martin, winner of multiple Grammys and an artist who has sold more than 60 million discs, an "international pop icon and Latin Music's Global Ambassador." EFE