Ecuador is ready to send its second satellite into space, with the launch scheduled for this week from a military base in Russia, the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency, or EXA, said.

"Everything is set for the launch" of the Krysaor satellite on Tuesday, EXA director Ronnie Nader told Efe.

The satellite will be carried into space by a Russian-made Dnepr RS-20 rocket.

"Let's just say that we are just waiting for the launch. We're ready," Nader said.

The rocket is scheduled to be launched at 0700 GMT Tuesday from the Dombarovsky missile complex at the Yasni base, Nader said.

Krysaor (NEE-02) was built entirely in Ecuador and is the twin of Pegaso, EXA's first nano-satellite, which was launched from China in April.

Pegaso collided with debris from an old Russian rocket a month into its mission and EXA declared the satellite lost in August.

"We learned a lot from Pegaso" and used that knowledge to "improve the systems on Krysaor," the EXA director said. EFE