The drawing of Spain's Christmas lottery on Dec. 22 will distribute 2,240 million euros ($3 billion) in prizes, of which 640 will correspond to the "Gordo" (the Fat One).

The SELAE state lottery society debuted Tuesday the lottery and the TV commercial designed to promote ticket sales, a spot by film director Pablo Berger featuring the voices of Montserrat Caballe, Rafael, Marta Sanchez, Niña Pastori and David Bustamante.

The president of SELAE, Inmaculada Garcia, has revealed the details of the Christmas Lottery, which this year as a novelty has decreased the number of series from 180 to 160 in order to adjust the offer to the demand, which does not in any way mean, she said, that there will be a "drop in the number of prizes per series or in the amount."

The lottery is made up of 160 series of 100,000 tickets each, at a price of 200 euros ($269) per ticket, each divided into tenths of 20 euros ($27).

The lottery, to be celebrated in the traditional way at Madrid's Teatro Real, maintains the same prizes, the first being 4 million euros ($5.4 million) per series and 400,000 euros ($537,000) per tenth; the second of 1.25 million euros ($1.68 million), and the third of 500,000 euros ($672,000).

There will also be two fourth prizes of 200,000 euros ($269,000) per series, eight fifth prizes of 60,000 euros ($81,000), and 1,794 prizes of 1,000 euros ($1,343).

Sales for the lottery, Garcia said, are pretty much up to last year's level, with a slight drop of an unspecified amount, though she believes the final results will be positive.

And that is because in the last quarter there was an uptick in national lottery sales, after a certain stagnation in the first months of the year, Garcia said.

"We're in crisis and that can be observed in all sectors, but where it is least seen is in the Christmas lottery," Garcia said. EFE