In the dangerous and crime riddled city of Caracas, the dead came out to play Saturday as hundreds of frightening and ghoulish zombies took to the streets as part of the city's Zombie Walk.

Wearing frightening costumes and gruesome make-up, the horde of self-proclaimed "undead," gathered at a central square admiring each other's costumes and walked through the city.

"More than just celebrating Halloween and those things it is to take over some of the places in Caracas which we can not enjoy for safety reasons or because the day to day life has taken away our powers to enjoy a park, a boulevard, that kind of thing and that is what we want, that the citizens of Caracas take advantage of their city and enjoy it in a different way, in a fun way," said the event's organizer, Yudith Barrios.

Young and old zombies alike paraded in the slow trancelike walk that has become the signature zombie gait.

"I think it's great." said zombie walker Jose Martinez. "You can have fun and relax and share with people, take pictures. You have fun and that's the idea."

Zombie walks are held all over the world and are attracting bigger crowds each year as zombie culture becomes more main stream with movies and television shows, such as World War Z and the Walking Dead, becoming big worldwide commercial hits.

The Zombie Walk phenomenon began in Sacramento, California in 2001. Since then, the event has spread to major cities around the world including New York, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Singapore, Sao Paolo, Mexico City and Frankfurt.

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