Puerto Rico's Old Harbor Brewery wants to conquer the global craft beer market, a sector that is growing rapidly.

The brewing company wants to introduce its beers in all the countries with a craft beer market, with the first stop being the United States, Old Harbor Brewery CEO Luis Diaz said.

"I want to take our beers to every country possible," Diaz said.

The family owned company opened in 2004 in the heart of Old San Juan, the Puerto Rican capital's historic district.

Diaz and his company stand to benefit from a bill introduced in the Puerto Rican Senate last week that would cut the taxes on craft beers by 62 percent.

Old Harbor Brewery is Puerto Rico's largest craft brewer, tracing its roots back some 10 years before the family opened its Old San Juan microbrewery and restaurant in 2004.

Diaz and his brother began brewing their first beers at home in the 1990s.

"We started at home making five gallons," Diaz said.

Old Harbor Brewery now produces 1,560 hectoliters annually, with the new facility it inaugurated last week outside San Juan expected to boost production by another 5,000 hectoliters annually.

The company sells its beers under the Coqui, Santo Viejo, Kofres, Old Harbor and Old Harbor IPA brands.

Old Harbor Brewery also makes Taina, a brand that won a prize at the 2010 World Beer Cup, the industry's most important competition.

Taina is a seasonal beer that varies its ingredients to give drinkers a surprise. EFE