A Spanish scientist is working on a NASA project on lightning that is examining the energy released by the natural phenomena.

David Guzman Garcia, who earned a doctorate at Spain's Universidad de Alcala de Henares, was one of the engineers who helped design the "Firestation" experiment, a package of sensors now aboard the International Space Station, or ISS.

Scientists know that energy in the form of lightning is released from the bottom of storms, but they are trying to learn more about the other types of energy discharged from the top of storms.

Guzman, a telecommunications engineer, arrived at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center outside Washington in 2010 and joined the project.

The Spanish scientist's job was to create a system capable of processing all the data collected by the "Firestation" sensors.

"The experiment has a series of heliophysics instruments (and) gauges for magnetic and electrical fields that gather data while the station orbits around the Earth. The system I designed has the mission of processing all the data gathered by the instruments," Guzman told Efe. EFE