The launch of the Russian Proton-M rocket that will put the U.S. Sirius-FM6 satellite into orbit has been postponed until Monday, the Roscosmos space agency said Sunday.

"The launch was postponed at the request of the U.S. party due to problems with a ground station," Roscosmos spokesman Sergei Gorbunov told the Interfax news agency.

All the systems at the Baikonur space complex in Kazakhstan were ready to execute the launch, which was scheduled for 1813 GMT on Sunday, Gorbunov said.

The Russian committee that oversees Baikonur's operations reviewed the U.S. request and rescheduled the Proton-M's launch for 1812 GMT on Monday.

Sirius FM-6, which will operate in a geostationary orbit, will help expand service for subscribers to SIRIUS XM satellite radio. EFE