Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro presented the keys to the city to the Mexican Cesar Millan, known as the "Dog Whisperer," for his defense of animals around the world.

Petro received Millan on Friday and discussed the Mexican's work, a meeting at which the mayor had at his side his mascot, a female called Bacata, the mayor's office said.

During the tribute, Millan said he regretted the ignorance that, in his opinion, so many humans have about animals and about nature in general.

"I don't train dogs, I train humans. Bacata here is an example of why I have this passion and why I educate humans - dogs are not born full of distrust, it's humans who create that reaction, it's the ignorance of humans who let themselves be controlled by fear, so what controls the world is ignorance and fear," Millan said.

Cesar Millan noted the Bogota municipal government's policy called Human Bogota, and said this is the kind of initiative that helps achieve what has been his goal, to bring the world together through dogs.

"The goal of Cesar Millan is to reconnect the human race using the dog, because the divisions that exist among humans worldwide is reflected in the way we treat dogs," he said.

Millan is in Bogota to stage a demonstration Sunday of his unique skill with canines.

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