Some 20,000 people dressed as zombies, according to Chilean police estimates, took to the streets of Santiago for the 6th "Zombie Walk."

The "living dead" made their way down a two-kilometer (1.24-mile) stretch Saturday of Bernardo O'Higgins avenue, the main thoroughfare in the capital, completing their walk at a park, where a concert was held.

The number of people participating in the festive and peaceful event has risen year after year.

Organizers erected make-up booths where those who needed it could get that just-out-of-the-tomb look.

The goal is to turn Zombie Walk into a tradition in Santiago, Katona Katrina, the lead singer of the Voodoo Zombie group and an event organizer, said.

"Zombie Walk has been a complete success every year in terms of safety and fun. We are very happy that people have wanted to get involved and keep this going," Katona told Radio Cooperativa.

The event's success is due to comic books, the popularity of "The Walking Dead" television series, zombie genre films, such as "World War Z," and the love of horror films in Chile, the artist known as "Dr.Zombie" said.

"Horror, truly, turns on lots of people," the artist, another of the event's organizers, said.

The bands Chancho en piedra and Tonto pero Feo played at the concert that followed the walk. EFE