Spain's Hispasat plans to launch the Amazonas 4A satellite, built in the record time of 18 months, in December to meet existing demand in the Americas, where the company gets 55 percent of its business, Hispasat CEO Carlos Espinos said.

The European satellite market has felt the economic recession and is "in contraction" but the overall market is reaching an equilibrium thanks to the fact that growth is continuing in the Americas, Espinos said in an interview with Efe.

Hispasat, which focuses on imaging services, has committed about 1 billion euros (about $1.355 billion) to satellites up to 2016 with three already being manufactured and a fourth being planned.

The soccer World Cup in Brazil next summer and the 2016 Olympic Games have been two of the triggering events for this mission, Espinos said.

Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile are the countries where Hispasat has the greatest presence, although it aspires to expand its business deeper into North America as well, Espinos said.

Hispasat's focus of activity in the Americas is not only television dissemination, as in Europe, but also diversifying into connectivity solutions and broadband satellites, as well as deploying terrestrial cellular networks.

Hispasat satellites reach 5 million homes in Latin America, 1 million in Portugal and 200,000 in Spain, Espinos said.

The Spanish company has six satellites in orbit. EFE