The biometric fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5c, one of the new smartphones unveiled by Apple Inc., raises privacy concerns because all the information gathered by the device is "unerasable," German information security expert Johannes Caspar said.

"The biometric fingerprints cannot be erased. They are with us for life. So, therefore, they should not be given up with a simple digital action as part of a routine identity authentication process, especially on systems that warehouse data," the professor told the weekly Der Spiegel.

Caspar, who is in charge of data security for Hamburg, rejected Apple's argument that the data were stored only on each person's device.

"The current user is not in a position to control what his applications do with the information he puts in them," the IT expert said.

Only necessary information should be stored on the devices, Caspar said.

The privacy concerns raised by the new iPhones have resonated in Germany, a country where people jealously guard their personal information and are less likely to give up information on social-networking and other online sites. EFE