Spain's world famous Can Fabes restaurant is closing its doors Saturday after 32 years, offering its last patrons a seasonal menu and the "Great Gastronomic Menu," which features the singular culinary creations of late chef Santi Santamaria.

Prawn raviolis, lobster with basil, Iberian suckling pig and chocolate cream puffs are among the dishes on "Santi's Grand Menu," Can Fabes manager Regina Santamaria told Efe.

Regina, who stepped in to run the dining establishment following the death of her father from a heart attack in Singapore in February 2011, said she was dealing with the restaurant's closing, but Saturday, the last day of business, "will be very hard for all of us, and it's not going to be a happy day."

The Can Fabes team, however, wants everything to seem normal and to uphold the standard of excellence established by Santi Santamaria.

The goal is to give diners, many of them regulars and friends, an exceptional experience on the last day of business at the restaurant, which is fully booked for its farewell performance.

The restaurant's 17-member kitchen and dining room staff will be jobless on Sept. 1, but Regina Santamaria said it would be an honor to rehire them if an investor can be found to finance Can Fabes's reopening.

Talks are being held with potential investors and buyers, but it is not known whether the eatery will be able to reopen, she said.

Can Fabes has been full almost every day since the family announced it was closing, with regulars coming by to say goodbye and new patrons giving the eatery a try before it closes.

The family's El Raco de Can Fabes group was forced to close most of its other restaurants following Santi Santamaria's death. EFE