Can Fabes, one of the best restaurants in Spain and the world, is shutting down later this week, but the hope is that the closing "will be temporary and it will reopen its doors soon," manager Regina Santamaria told Efe.

The eatery, the first in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia to get three stars from Michelin, is scheduled to close on Saturday.

Regina Santamaria stepped in to run the dining establishment following the death of her father, chef Santi Santamaria, from a heart attack in Singapore in February 2011.

Talks are ongoing with some parties to try to keep the restaurant open, but it is not yet clear what the eatery's future will be, Regina Santamaria said.

The family wants to be able to announce that Can Fabes will be open on Sept. 1, but "today it's impossible and we have to wait and see if we reach an agreement," Santamaria said.

"August is a complicated month for any type of deal with investors or buyers," Santamaria said, referring to the fact that it is the month when Spaniards traditionally take their summer vacations.

Can Fabes has been full almost every day since the family announced it was closing, with regulars coming by to say goodbye and new patrons giving the eatery a try before it closes.

All the tables are booked on Saturday, with regular patrons and friends planning to give the eatery a hearty send-off.

The family's El Raco de Can Fabes group was forced to close most of its other restaurants following Santi Santamaria's death. EFE