Paul White, an electrical engineer from Ham Lake, Minnesota, came forward as the holder of one of the three winning tickets in the $448 million multistate Powerball lottery.

Posing before the cameras with an enormous cardboard check, a facsimile of the one he received for a gross payout of $149.4 million, the 45-year-old White said that everything about his win still seemed "unreal" to him.

Having decided to take his winnings in a lump sum, he will actually receive around $58 million after taxes.

"I've totally been waiting for this day my entire life," White said, while adding, "I hope I'm yesterday's news as soon as possible."

The holders of the other two winning tickets, both sold in New Jersey, have yet to come forward.

Accompanied by his girlfriend and several relatives, White read a long list of things he wants to buy and plans he's made to spend part of the money.

Although he said he does not know exactly what he will do, White said that he wants to help his parents financially, put money aside for the college education of his two teenage children, take vacations and "stop working for other people."

White said he bought 10 lottery tickets on Wednesday evening at a store and learned that he was one of the winners in a phone call from his girlfriend. EFE