Ten projects participating in the 4th Campus Party held in the Mexican capital will soon make it to Silicon Valley, the California home of such high-tech enterprises as Apple and Google.

Of a total 440 ideas, 10 projects in the fields of information technology and communications will receive legal and financial consultancy and sales support to turn the ideas into companies.

"We're trying to link these projects with Mexico's entrepreneurial system and also with investment funds so they can get financing," the director of Wayra Mexico, Marcus Dantus, told Efe.

The Wayra company is a business "accelerator," which, starting with ideas related to technology, seeks to create companies and then put them in contact with investors.

On this occasion, the selected projects will have "a foot in the door of Silicon Valley from the outset," thanks to an agreement with investors established in the mecca of technology and innovation.

With regard to Mexico's technological panorama, Dantus acknowledged that while President Enrique Peña Nieto's administration has taken "giant steps" in the matter, such as the creation of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur, there still remain "a lot of things to do."

"We still need a legal framework and tax incentives," the Wayra director said, noting that an incentive is still required similar to that in Article 226 of the Income Tax Law designed to promote moviemaking in the country.

In that sense, he said, Mexico is a country in which "technology has just taken off" and, for that reason, "it needs all kinds of things."

The 4th Campus Party Mexico will welcome until Sunday some 8,000 participants of 20 different nationalities. EFE