Cid Wilson is a proud Latino with Dominican roots who was recognized by Forbes for his work as an equity financial analyst and who graced the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine as someone who stands up for the issues of Afro-Latinos. But even with all the success that Wilson has achieved in both his career and with his philanthropy, he still has faced incidents of racism and discrimination throughout his life.

Wilson has never let those challenges back down from demanding respect for other Afro-Latinos. He proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the National Council of La Raza and he was chosen by President Barack Obama to serve on a commission to begin planning a museum in Washington, D.C. dedicated to honoring U.S. Latino history. 

Click on the video to find out why Americans have a burning desire to talk about race in this country, Wilson’s thoughts on the issue of racial profiling and solutions to addressing the topic of race with respect.

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