Puerto Rican rapper Yomo was detained by police at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for an incident that occurred on an American Airlines flight, San Juan daily Primera Hora said Monday.

The Dallas-San Juan flight made an unscheduled stop in Atlanta to permit the artist's arrest, the newspaper said.

The singer's agent, Gerardo Mechaly, confirmed 33-year-old Yomo's detention to the daily, though he gave no details about the reason.

He did say he will be traveling to Atlanta to meet with his client and that, should it be necessary, they will get legal help.

Mechaly said that Saturday's arrest was not related to drug possession, but did not say why the plane made an unscheduled landing so the singer could be taken into custody.

"I can guarantee that it had nothing to do with drugs, nothing to do with anything illegal," the agent said.

Primera Hora recalled that the Chicago-born Yomo was hospitalized in 2010 to be treated for anxiety brought on by problems with the law.

The singer was also involved last March in a shootout at a bar in the San Juan neighborhood of Rio Piedras. EFE