Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have become parents" once again, Estilo Miguel Fernandez Vega, spokesman for the Ruber International clinic in Madrid, told Efe Tuesday.

The two actors chose the Spanish capital for the birth of their second child, a baby girl about whom no further details have been released.

A statement will be issued with all the details about the happy event, the agent of the actress in Spain, Javier Giner, told Efe, without saying when.

As occurred 2 1/2 years ago when little Leo was born at the exclusive Cedars-Sinai medical center in Beverly Hills, California, neither the couple nor any member of their families wished to divulge information about the newborn, even those who had been at the couple's side through the birth.

During her first pregnancy, the actress remained in London until quite far along since she was in the middle of shooting "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" with Johnny Depp. At that time her sister Monica had to join the production because they looked so much alike she could double for Penelope in the action scenes.

During her second pregnancy, the star of "Volver" was able to take it easy because she had no productions going on at the time.

The actress spent most of her time in Madrid with her sister, with whom she remains very close and who also had a baby girl recently.

Bardem, for his part, was in Barcelona over the past few weeks shooting "The Gunman" with Sean Penn, a film directed by Pierre Morel. EFE