A woman in the central state of Madhya Pradesh died as the result of an acid attack by her lover, an Indian police commander told Efe Monday.

The 28-year-old woman was at her parents' home in the city of Porsa early Saturday when the suspect, Yogendra Singh Tomar, burst in and sprayed the victim with acid, police superintendent Irshad Wali said.

The woman died in hospital on Sunday, while two female cousins and her grandmother were injured in the attack.

"The accused was having an affair with the victim. But she didn't want to live with him so the suspect attacked her with acid," Wali said.

The woman divorced the father of her two children about a year ago when her relationship with Tomar began.

Acid attacks in India are usually committed by rejected suitors out to ruin their victims' lives.

There are no clear statistics as to the number of these attacks, but the Stop Acid Attacks group has counted some three aggressions a week with chemical products.

The attack came after India's Supreme Court ruled last week that authorities must impose tighter regulations on the sale of acid, a common weapon in attacks on women.

The decision also requires the government to pay compensation to victims of acid attacks.

The court order calls for limits to be placed on the number of shops that can sell acid and for vendors to be required to maintain records of purchasers.

Shops that fail to keep registers of their customers will be punished with fines of up to 50,000 rupees ($838).

The high court also ruled that the government must compensate each victim of an acid attack with 300,000 rupees ($5,029).

For their part, institutions such as hospitals must put a person in charge of the possession and security of their acid, and make sure that nobody leaves the premises carrying chemical products.

The move was motivated by the long struggle of Laxmi, a young woman who in 2005 was attacked by an angry suitor and a year later filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court with the aim of forcing the state to monitor and control the sale of acids and thus stem the growing number of attacks using acid.

The new law punishes perpetrators of acid attacks with between eight and 12 years in jail.

Acid is very accessible in India, where a liter costs about 30 rupees (50 cents), and it is generally used to clean toilets and plumbing. EFE