With 729 people bathing nude at the same time, a beach in the southeastern Spanish town of Vera proclaimed itself the new Guinness world record holder for collective nude bathing this weekend.

It took the honor from New Zealand, which had been in the No. 1 spot with 506 nude bathers.

With the slogan "The world's biggest strip-off," and sponsored by the Vera City Hall in collaboration with the Spanish Naturism Federation, the town located in Almeria province began attracting bathers intending to participate in the event starting early on Sunday morning.

By noon, the time established for the collective dip in the ocean in El Playazo beach was filled.

The count of the participants was made at the entrance to the beach and everyone was divided into groups of 50 and given tickets with registration numbers. The entire registration procedure was recorded on videotape before a notary.

By setting the new record, Vera is intending to promote its tourist potential and set itself up as an international naturism, or nudity, center, according to town mayoral adviser Juan de la Cruz.

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