Losing an arm is no reason to stay that way, at least that was the idea of Angel Sanguino, a young Venezuelan electronics technician who decided to make a new limb adapted to his work and other needs after losing one in an accident.

Sanguino, 33, lost his left arm after being hit by a car illegally racing several others down a street in Caracas, and though he was advised to get used to his disability, he has now fashioned two electronic limbs and is not stopping.

His next projects include making another prosthesis, a robotic one this time, and to improve devices for disabled people in order to aid those who, like him, have to substitute some damaged function with an artificial contrivance.

"No one is better than a disabled person at understanding the needs of another disabled person," the young Caracas native who lost his arm just over a year ago, one week before learning he was going to be a father for the first time, told Efe.

The news made him skip any period of mourning for his lost arm and look for a way to keep working and help care for that child who was on the way.

"I started designing an arm while I was still in intensive care," Sanguino said in the workshop for repairing computers and mobile phones of the prestigious brand of IT equipment where he works.

He had no knowledge of how to construct a prosthesis, but he did have an uncle who was a prosthetic technician, who took some materials he had left over from other artificial limbs he had made, and developed the project for his nephew, not without doubts about its effectiveness.

"I can't say I work better than before, because this engineering is irreplaceable," Sanguino said, indicating his hand of flesh and blood.

"After the accident, psychologists told me I must learn to do something else because with one arm I couldn't do what I did before - but this is what I love doing, repairing electronic products and giving them new life," he said. EFE