Spain's King Juan Carlos said Thursday his focus was on speeding up his recovery following surgery earlier this year for a herniated disc and hip surgery in 2012.

"Right now, I am just thinking about myself," the king said during his visit to Morocco, where he had a packed agenda.

The 75-year-old king has undergone surgery three times in less than a year.

Juan Carlos had surgery for a herniated disc on March 3. He had an operation on his right hip on April 14, 2012, after falling during a private trip to Botswana and seven months later, on Nov. 23, he underwent a surgical procedure on his left hip.

"The other time I raced to get back, and that's what happened to me," the king told Spanish reporters during an informal gathering in Rabat.

King Juan Carlos said he felt well and was following doctors' orders.

"I am going to do what is good for me," the king said, adding that he was taking a different approach from how he handled things after the controversial Botswana trip.

The king's image took a hit after it was revealed that he was hunting elephants in Botswana when he fell, and Juan Carlos told reporters Thursday that "there was pressure" on him from both "inside" the Royal Household and "outside."

The king has had six operations in the past three years, with most of the procedures done as a result of accidents or to correct problems caused by wear on his bones. EFE