A U.S. PayPal customer got the shock of his life when he looked at his account with the online payment outfit and found that he had a balance of more than $92 quadrillion, making him - momentarily - by far the world's richest man, ABC News reported Thursday.

Chris Reynolds, a Pennsylvania resident, told the news channel that he found his account with PayPal showed the huge credit, a sum that is many times greater than the U.S. GDP.

The figure - 92 followed by 15 zeroes - was listed on his account as a negative, making Reynolds think at first that he owed that money, he said, but he quickly ascertained that the quantity had actually been credited to him by PayPal.

Being a "responsible guy," Reynolds joked that the second thing he thought was that he could use a smidgen of those funds to pay down the U.S. national debt, which amounts to "only" $16 trillion.

With what was left over, Reynolds told the Philadelphia Daily News, he had thought he might buy the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, a move that still would have left him with an almost inconceivable amount of money.

All good things must come to an end, however, and PayPal quickly noted the error and corrected it, returning Reynolds account with the firm to zero, where it had been before.

In compensation, the company made an offer to Reynolds, who took his ephemeral fortune in good humor: it said it would make a "modest" donation to a charitable organization of his choice. EFE