Singer Marc Anthony, who is of Puerto Rican origin, on Thursday defended himself against criticism he has received for performing the patriotic U.S. song "God Bless America" during Major League Baseball's All-Star Game, stating that "you can't get more New York than me."

On the ABC television program "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Thursday, Anthony said that he wanted to make clear to people that he was born and raised in New York.

Anthony, 44 years old and the father of twins together with singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, said that he feels "more Puerto Rican than ever" despite having been born in the Big Apple, since he was born to Puerto Rican parents, raised around Latin American friends and grew up listening to music from the Caribbean island.

The singer, who was invited by President Barack Obama to his reelection party, said that he was more Puerto Rican than ever and more New York than ever.

Anthony has been bombarded with criticism on the social networks since last Tuesday when he sang "God Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch at the All-Star Game played at New York's Citi Field.

Some of the criticism on the social networks referred to Anthony as a "Mexican" and asked if he was even an American citizen.

In response to those remarks, the performer of well-known numbers such as "Ahora bien," "Tu amor me hace bien," "Valio la pena," "Preciosa" and "Vivir mi vida," took pains on the ABC program to emphasize that he is American. EFE