Typhoon Soulik killed at least 108 people in China, authorities said Monday, adding that 183 people are missing.

The Public Affairs Ministry announced Monday that almost 100 deaths have been registered in the southern provinces of Guangxi, Sichuan and Canton and the northern regions of Qinhai and Shanxi, and almost 200 people are missing around the country as a result of the storm.

The typhoon, the seventh to hit China so far this year, was accompanied by torrential rain and caused flooding and mudslides.

More than 600 houses were destroyed by the heavy rains in some 80 communities in Canton province.

In the neighboring Guangxi region, eight deaths were reported, while in nearby Sichuan emergency crews recovered 68 bodies, although 179 people are reportedly still missing there.

Soulik lost strength when it made landfall on Saturday on China's eastern coast, the National Meteorological Center said.

The storm affected almost one million people in China, according to official figures. EFE